We dry your house - PERMANENTLY!

Humidstop is your specialist for the refurbishment of humidity- and mould-damages in and outside of your house on Majorca. Cleanness, order, quality and reliability are self-evident for us and our employees. Our experienced team of well-trained specialists processes only highest-quality materials of well-known manufacturers. As certified partner of the largest manufacturers of dehumidifying materials we are highly skilled in the use of the most important dehumidifying systems. We dehumidify and refurbish all the different humidity damages independent of the stoneworks, long-lasting!

We have understood that the permanent removal of humidity damages does not have to be expensive necessarily as stated by some of our competitors.

Give us a call. With pleasure we perform an on-site inspection. We will then provide you with an attractive offer. We are looking forward to your request.

Sincerely yours